Impact on the Community

When most think of the live shows and music being performed in Athens, we think of the nightlife and of the pure entertainment they bring to the town. The music not only socially impacts the community, but it also affects the economical and educational aspects of Athens as well.

Although the economical impact of music on Athens has not been fully studied, it is easy to see from the naked eye that it has a major influence on the city. A good way to describe this impact would be the ripple effect. All in all, Athens has approximately fifteen to twenty music venues, not including small bars. For each of those venues to run profitably, they must have a smoothly running operation equipped with a fully staffed crew. This crew consists of doormen, dj’s, cameramen, light and sound techs, security, bartenders, and so on and so forth. Obviously they make their main source of revenue on nights when they host live bands, especially big bands, and Athens has produced a few of those over time. The venues with fulltime workers, who hire live bands, will draw in big crowds, which in turn will generate more money. After a concert, most if not all, concertgoers will head downtown, for Athens is known for its nightlife. After a night on the town and spending money at the bars, some will head for their hotels that they paid for. So in terms of the economical side of things, one can easily see a grade A example of how ripple effect is positively displayed on Athens, GA.

Besides the nightlife and the big bands, it isn’t all about making money. The Athens music scene also shines a light on education. Every year for the past fifteen years, the Athfest festival has been going on in the heart of downtown. Not only does it give up and coming artists a chance to play for the community, it educates those of the music and arts community. Its influence goes beyond the three day festival. The Athfest Educates! Committee reaches out to students of Athens by educating them about music and the arts. They even donate instruments to those in need and who want to learn. Athfest is truly a one of a kind concert for a great cause that goes beyond the festival norm.

The latter paragraphs are what bring my love for music into full circle. Not only can music positively impact an individual but an entire community itself, thus bringing it closer together. You don’t have to be Bono to make a difference with music; you just have to have the will to help.


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