My first Athnote experience

(*Play video below while reading and enjoy afterwards)

Almost a year ago today, my musical world was invigorated like the Energizer bunny. My friend Cliff and I had been invited to a rush party at SAE on a hot day in early April. Filled to the brim with senioritis, we could not wait to get a taste of what college had to offer, especially knowing that UGA was our first choice. We met a number of guys and not to mention the very good-looking girls, but even they weren’t comparable to the music. About an hour or so into the party, the bands began to play. Being a musician, I found myself getting closer and closer to the stage without even realizing it. They were all talented and one band after another brought their own style and color to the stage, which brought out a great sense of awe inside of me. However, one band in particular struck me in a way that can be hard to put into words. They called themselves the Futurebirds. They took the stage with a driving force unlike any of the other bands that day. Not only were they bringing hundreds of others joy and entertainment, but they were enjoying and entertaining themselves even more! They radiated such a sense of humble delight and love for their own music that it made their sound even sweeter to my ears. The song you are listening to now is an original called “Ski Chalet”, one of their most popular. The one way I can describe how this song makes me feel is in moments, and it starts right around the 4:00 minute mark and explodes from there. It’s in the moments when you have an epiphany, when you go the extra mile, when right place meets right time, or when it all finally pays off. The feelings that are evoked in those kinds of moments is how this song makes me feel. I realize there are better bands out there that sound more professional and produced. Nevertheless, human instinct leans us toward the underdog. Who would you rather see? A big somebody casually defeat a nobody or a nobody that fights with heart to defeat and become a somebody? Now today, the word underdog is an understatement when speaking of the Futurebirds. In a year, they have gone to playing rush parties to playing in some of the biggest festivals to date.  They manifest the old adage that the more one is passionate about something, the greater they will make it become.  Anyone there on that hot day in April would tell you they were living in the moment and loving every minute of it. I would almost have to give them credit for my idea for this project. They were my first impression and inspiration of Athenian music, and I hope I can give the same experience to someone else down the road.


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