Reflections on Tech. and Learning

When I first began on this project, I thought there was no way I would be able to get it done. I had never heard of WordPress, Tumblr, and, and didn’t know what in the world a Prezi was. Also, on top of that, I had never set up a blog before.  It took a while to get my feet under me, but once I did I was up and running. Figuring out these websites isn’t as hard as I first made it out to be. WordPress is a great tool to help link ideas into one central location. I was able to link various parts of my project onto my WordPress page with ease. Beforehand, I never really liked the idea of blogs for some reason. However, once I figured out how to work Tumblr, which didn’t take long, I was able to easily assemble my blog and I actually enjoyed it. I was really happy with the finished product.I am going to try and keep my tumblr up to date after this project to help inform music lovers in Athens.
Even though I did not do a Prezi, I definitely like the idea. Prezi can boost a presentation from boring to engaging and it seems like an easy tool to learn. Instead of staring at slide after slide, Prezi keeps the crowd aware and alert, and ultimately  gets idea across the table in a creative way. I am a selective listener at times and usually find myself drifting off when people are presenting. However, I stayed engaged to just about everyone’s presentation in our class and especially those with Prezi’s. I found myself going to their sites after they presented instead of going to lala land. Overall, this project expanded my computer skills immensely. I realize now that these can be very useful tools further down the educational road. If an opportunity like this presents itself to me in English 1102, I will take full advantage and take my projects to the next level and next letter grade. I initially wanted to just write another paper for this last project and wasn’t into this at all. Now, I am happy to say that this project did a lot more for me than just another paper would have done. This project sharpened my computer skills, help me think more creatively, and I still was able to write three short papers that helped me bring in various aspects to my topic. I highly recommend that this project is an ongoing tradition in your syllabus.


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